Employee Self Service

The Employee Self Service platform for state workers in Vermont is a dynamic application through which employees are able to access their own personal and pay information, as well as state employment job opportunities in their own department and every other department of state government and civil service.

State Department of Human Resources

Every state has its own dedicated Human Resources Department which services the needs of state agencies and state workers. The Department of Human Resources manages an online career center on which every employment opportunity in state government, including civil service positions and jobs in every state agency are listed for current and prospective state employees to peruse.

State employees are given preferential treatment for Vermont state job openings. These positions are what state workers utilizing the employee self service system will find when looking for new employment opportunities through the program.

Vermont Self Service Site Structure

The Employee Self Service site for state employees allows workers to manage several aspects of their employment records with the state. The system is broken up into three primary functional areas:

  • Personal Information Center
  • Payroll and Compensation Records
  • Recruiting Activities Center

The Self Service Recruiting Activities Center

Employees can utilize the Recruiting Activities Center in the Vermont Self Service platform to search through job postings, submit applications and track the status of any jobs they apply for through the system. The program is designed to allow users to easily search through the entire State Human Resources Career Center database of available positions.

The Employee Self Service Application Process

User-friendly program features make the process of applying for state jobs quick and simple, and have fail safes in place to ensure employees provide all the required information for any state position. Workers complete an eight-page detailed application which will then be used to apply for any current and future job openings they may find on the Employee Self Service site. That questionnaire/application can be updated at any time by the employee as well.

Application Tracking and Additional Attachment Features

Additional features in the Recruiting Activities Center include simple tracking mechanisms through which employees are able to review the applications they’ve submitted and an Application Attachment utility through which any supporting documents can easily be added to an application. A personalized tracking page shows a summary of all current and past applications and allows Vermont employees to quickly check the status of their own application via the site.