March 12th, 2012

Vermont Has 4th Lowest Unemployment Rate



In the midst of an uncertain job market that spans across the entire U.S., the state of Vermont has managed to beat the odds and maintain one of the lowest umemployment rates. By catering to the needs of their workers, the state has been able to consistently provide job opportunities, helping the state’s job market continue to rise. In addition, the minimum wage has recently increased from $8.15 an hour to $8.46 an hour. This change will help to continue circulating revenue for the state of Vermont and ensure the rate stays low.

The Standard is Set

The job market in Vermont is unlike any other seen in other states. Career opportunities are growing daily, allowing the state to have control over their own job market. With a 5.0% umemployment rate, the 4th lowest in the nation, Vermont proves that despite the economy, growth is possible. The key to this type of success is being intelligent and making wise decisions. Although they number of umemployment claims have slightly increased, the state’s market has continued to be stable and successful. The state has found a way to meet the desires and needs of workers whether they are young teenagers, recent college graduates or veterans returning to the workforce. This attention to detail has kept jobs and careers secure in the state.

The Secret to Success

Umemployment seems to be a nonstop concern for our nation. However, there are some states who have found the formula to keep their jobs safe from completely going under. Vermont has been successful because of their strategic career expansion and willingness to cater to the voices of the employees’ needs. With programs such as on the job training, educational career courses, internships and apprenticeship programs, the state will continue to be successful in keeping their umemployment rate low and expanding their job market.