Unemployment is a large concern for citizens across the country in the wake of the economic collapse. Many people are no longer able to hold jobs and must turn to government assistance. While various state and federal agencies exist to help out people in need, it can be difficult to know what to do or where to go to receive these benefits, or even to find out if you qualify.

Vermont has come out of the economic issues fairly well. At the peak of the economic crisis in 2009, the unemployment rate was higher than it has been since 1991. However, that unemployment rate was only seven percent, significantly lower than some other states are today. Vermont’s unemployment rate is currently around five percent. For those unlucky enough to be unemployed, there is plenty of government assistance to go around. Unemployment benefits will help you get back on your feet and stay afloat while you search for jobs.

Unemployment benefits in Vermont can be applied for at the department of labor. To find the nearest office of the Vermont department of labor, look up their website. Unemployment benefits are not a permanent income source. They are meant solely to help replace lost income while a new job is found. To file for unemployment benefits, an unemployed worker must call the Initial Claim Line. They must also register with the local unemployment office.

When filing a new claim for unemployment benefits in Vermont, there is a list of required information. You will need your social security number, mailing and home addresses, telephone number, information about any separation pay you may receive, the date you intend to return to work if your lack of work is temporary, your drivers license or state ID number, banking information for direct deposit, and certain additional information if you were in the military or worked for the federal government. In addition you will need the name and address, payroll address, and telephone number for each employer you had in the past 18 month period, as well as starting and ending employment dates and reason for separation.

During your period of unemployment you will need to check in with the unemployment agency to receive benefits. You will also need to submit and document at least three job applications per week. The Vermont Job Link website can help with job applications. For more information, check with your local unemployment office or the Vermont government website.